Stephen T. Kirk, MD


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Presentations & Publications


Doc Talk


American Medical Society for Sports Medicine National Conference            

  • What’s Worse Than a Dreaded Black Line?  (April 2012)                                                                                  
  • Chest Pain Blows   (April 2012)                                                                                                                                      
  • Foot Pain in a New Barefoot Runner  (April 2012)                                                                                                  
  • Emergency Preparedness for SCA in Utah High Schools  (April 2011)                                                                  


American Academy of Family Physicians Scientific Assembly                        

  • Emergency Preparedness for SCA in Utah High Schools  (October 2010)                                                                   


University of Iowa College of Medicine Research Day                                      

  • Effects of Neonatal and Adult Chondrocyte Interaction Following in-vitro Expansion  (September 2005)                            


    Kirk ST, Rich BS, Daly SE. Emergency Preparedness for Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Utah High Schools. AMSSM 20th Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah, April 30-May 4, 2011. Clin J Sport Med 2011; 21(2): 167